Pasture Raised Large Black Pigs

pasture raised pork farm


        We pride ourselves on our pasture raised pork. We value the animals we raise, we believe in the sustainability of our land, and we know that the best products begin with the best farming practices. Our pigs live full and happy lives, always on pasture and in community with one another. 

       Our pastured pigs spend their days on fresh grass doing what pigs do best; rooting, digging, running and cooling themselves in their wallow. They dine on local, specially blended,  grass mixture that includes clover, purple top turnips, oats and more . Foraging not only this high quality blend of grass, they consume acorns, walnuts and apples from our trees, free range chicken eggs and vegetables from our farm, and Jersey cow whey from a local dairy.  At approximately 10% of the pigs diet, we support Pleasant View Farms who puts great effort into producing  their own locally grown Non-GMO grains.

          Our humane farming practices have a positive impact on the environment. Rotational grazing, which we practice, provides big returns for the soil by encouraging plants to send out more and deeper roots. Those roots are continually sloughed off to decompose in the ground, boosting soil biomass and fertility and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Rotational grazing also helps prevent erosion and agricultural runoff.

          Lastly, to be sustainable, we believe local and pasture raised pork must not be sacrificed "at any cost". Local pork, raised responsibly and processed locally does cost more than pork distributed from industrial farms; our aim is to keep this differential as low as possible and pass on to our local economy the best possible product at the fairest possible price.